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    The advantages of necked flange, non-standard flange and flat welded flange manufactured by our comp


    1. The company has the advantage of necked flange, non-standard flange and flat welded flange (DN300-DN3500).

    2. The material is stainless steel and carbon steel. It is divided into 304, 321, 316L, 2205, 310S, 16Mn, Q235B and so on.

    3. The product standard includes national standard, American standard, Japanese standard, British standard, German standard, non-standard flat welding flange, butt welding flange, necked flange, stainless steel flange, clamp, pipe plate, equipment flange, etc. It can be customized according to customer drawings.

    After more than ten years of experience and pioneering process, our company has gradually become a production line of metallurgy, rolling, forging, turning and so on. In the fierce market competition, the company adheres to the business purpose of "quality for development" and "reputation for survival", and has maintained a good reputation among many customers.

    Advanced rolling large-caliber flange technology is a process developed independently by the company through continuous exploration and exploration, which reduces consumption. It is made of raw materials by one-time cold rolling, which speeds up the production process and efficiency, and guarantees better product quality.

    Enthusiastic new and old customers call consultation and negotiation, we are willing to work together to create brilliant!
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